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Gaussin, Allain

Born in 1943 in Saint Sever. At the age of twenty he stopped studying mathematics, physics and chemistry and turned to music. In october 1966 he entered the Paris Conservatoire where he won first prizes in harmony and analysis and a Prix de Composition in Olivier Messiaen's class. At the same time he studied the piano with Hélène Boschi, conducting (both choir and orchestra) with Louis Forestier and electronic music at the G.R.M. 

1977-1979: resident of the Académie de France in Rome. 1981-1992: composition teacher at the Schola Cantorum. 1985: the DAAD awards him a scholarship for composition in Berlin. The summers of 1986 and 1988 are spent in lectures and composition and orchestration courses at the contemporary Music Encounters of Darmstadt. In 1991 he teaches composition and orchestration at the Conservatoire Mozart in Paris.

Allain Gaussin has won several awards: from the SACEM in 1983 and 1989, from the Foundation de France in 1991 ... and sponsorships from the Foundation Beaumarchais in 1991 and the Foundation Orcofi in 1992. 

This what Ivanka Stoïanova has to say about his music : “One is strongly attracted to the vital force of his music and the driving energy of sound's mouvement spreading ever further in a three dimensional space-time unit which cannot be separated into the parameters of formal conventions derived from serial music. The impact of this music seems unavoidable: it has a direct effect on the body, on the expectant sensitivity; it has a ‘compelling drive’ that explores ‘the intimate space of the body’, linked by its multiple aspects to the ‘infinite space of the universe’”.