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Bousch, François

François Bousch was born in 1946 and finished his musical studies at the Paris Conservatoire, namely in Jean-Pierre Guézec and Olivier Messiaen's classes.

François Bousch's music derives its inspiration from matter and not from the materials. It is the virtual and indeterminate aspects of matter which are seized before any social definitions, such as noise and music, sound and silence etc. interfere.

François Bousch always listens to matter before sculptering it, probing it like a biologiste. Either his senses perceive this matter – which then remains in the field of infratonality –, or he approaches it with the help of his most familiar instruments, the electric guitar and keyboards. The music thus born is tuned to the universe, combining electronics with traditional instruments: sometimes rhythms and melodies break loose that no historical connotation can hinder.

It is impossible to seperate the composer from the “transmitter”- to transmit as do the performer and the teacher. François Bousch is a fellow-traveller of Itinéraire and its ensemble of electronic instruments. He is also the founder and director of the Ecole Nationale of Evry where he teaches electronic and computer composition.

His composing and teaching no doubt help him to know better this unseizable matter; he lets himself go the better to understand it.