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Bonnet, Antoine

Antoine Bonnet was born in 1958 in Paris. At the age of 25, he suddenly decided to be a composer. He entered the Conservatoire of Paris where he was awarded first prizes in Composition an analysis, and was admitted to the École Normale Supérieure where he defended his doctoral thesis : «Present Conditions and Possibilities of Musical Composition». During this formative period, Antoine Bonnet successfully combined research and creativity in a highly personal way as well as founding the contemporary music review «Entretemps» and publishing numerous works of research. He then entered Ircam where he invented the software «Situation» and was appointed to the post of Professor at the University of Paris where he created a class of composition. His musical works, and his writings soon to be combined and published by «Art Edition» have been recompensed by the Sacem-Dugardin prize and the Villa Medicis (ex mural) awards, as well as by various grants, notably the Lavoisier, to stay in Italy, Germany and the United States. Seuil, D’une source oubliée, Trajectoires, Les Eaux étroites, Épitaphe, Nachtstrahl have been performed in Europe and the United States by various orchestras, most recently by the Ensemble InterContemporain conducted by Pierre Boulez at the Châtelet in Paris, in Chicago and Los Angeles, at the Köln Philharmonic Hall and La Scala in Milan. A compact disc entirely devoted to the music of Antoine Bonnet made up of Épitaphe and Nachtstrahl as well as La Terre habitable, a cycle based upon texts by Julien Gracq, will soon be recorded under the direction of Pierre Boulez. Currently residing in the United States, M. Bonnet makes his home in Paris.