Oscar Bianchi -

Oscar Bianchi - "Plenty for two"

Oscar Bianchi's winter journey

The month of February will be punctuated by several international premieres by Oscar Bianchi.

The Stuttgart Eclat festival, faithful to the composer since his very first opus, will present on 2 February the first performance of Plenty for Two, a concertante work (trombone and double bass, an "idiosyncratic alliance" in the words of the composer) for ensemble (Musikfabrik conducted by Clément Power) – then performed on 20 February at the WDR in Cologne. One cannot resist quoting the composer's luminous remarks regarding his choice of concert instruments: “Throughout the more exhaustive corpus of the ensemble, two instruments radiate a spectacular identitarian latitude. The magnanimity of formants, color, and spectrum, speak plenty about such musical and existential ‘’largesse’’. Historically they came a long way, yes, to be able to deploy such an arsenal of poetry and entrancement. The endless resources of those two enable larger discourses about introspection, speculation, jubilation, and transcendence.”


Oscar Bianchi - Plenty for two (Une alliance idiosyncratique)
for trombone, double-bass & ensemble 
World premiere: February 2, 2022 - Eclat-Festival Stuttgart
Performance: February 20, 2022 - WDR Cologne
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Bruce Collings, trombone
Florentin Ginot, double-bass
Célment Power, conducot
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On February 27 in Sochi, another of the Italian-Swiss composer’s favourite places, the low register which he favours so much will once again be in the spotlight with the Russian premiere of 6db, the concerto for six double basses which caused a sensation at the Maison de la Radio in Paris at the start of the season.

Oscar Bianchi - 6 db
Concerto for six double basses & orchestra
Russian premiere: February 27, 2022

Closing Gala Concert of the XIV WIAFS
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