Selection of works

Selection of works "small is beautiful"

These times of social distancing are conducive to the discovery of the beautiful in forms that are sometimes less grandiloquent than the canonical repertoire.

Small is beautiful.

Over the years, the artists of our publishing houses often excelled in using these innovative, delicate, and nevertheless colourful formats, such as the string orchestras or chamber orchestras in the "Mozart" formation.

They also knew how to make the ensemble their own with "one per voice", following Schoenberg's famous opus 9, and even explore the charms of arrangements of works from the repertoire.

We share with you this week this expressive palette as a gift in these times of change which will soon signal our collective return to the concert halls and opera houses.


See our selection of works for instrumental ensembles on Spotify and Nkoda :  




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See our selection of works for string orchestra on Spotify and Nkoda :  


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