The Electroacoustic Music of Xenakis

The Electroacoustic Music of Xenakis

December marks the end of the Xenakis year, rich in events and tributes from all walks of life and backgrounds, making this extraordinary composer a resolutely modern composer ahead of his time. His work resonates with our time and is an inexhaustible source of sound material. The new generation of artists, musicians, directors or visual artists, is now strongly drawing upon these materials. 

Durand Salabert Eschig has published an end-of-year brochure focusing on his electroacoustic work written by the Xenakian musicologists Agostino Di Scipio and Makis Solomos who grants us the video interview below:


The Electroacoustic Music of Xenakis brochure will soon be available in physical and digital version: 



 The brochure It's time for Xenakis is also still available:


For those who wish to know more, here is the documentary "Xenakis revolution - the builder of sound".