Alexander Raskatov -

Alexander Raskatov - "Animal Farm"

Alexander Raskatov’s 20th opera – Animal Farm – will be created at the Dutch National Opera on March 3rd, 2023. Based on George Orwell’s novel and adapted in Ian Burton’s libretto, this powerful and committed work, dealing with a burning topic, will follow its way to the international scene at the Wiener Staatsoper, Teatro Massimo (Palermo), and at Finnish National Opera and Ballet (Helsinki). This craze highlights the piece’s appropriateness as well as its meaningful musical strength.

Alexander Raskatov - Animal Farm
World premiere: March 3rd, 2023 - Dutch National Opera (Amsterdam)
Netherlands Chamber Orchestra
Chorus of Dutch National Opera
Nieuw Amsterdams Kinderkoor 
Gennady Bezzubenkov, Old Major  
Misha Kiria, Napoleon 
Michael Gniffke, Snowball  
James Kryshak, Squealer  
Germán Olvera, Boxer  
Karl Laquit, Benjamin  
Artem Krutko, Minimus  
Helena Rasker, Clover  
Maya Gour*, Muriel  
Elena Vassilieva, Blacky  
Holly Flack, Mollie  
Karl Laquit, Pigetta (young actress)  
Marcel Beekman, Mr. Jones  
Francis van Broekhuizen, Mrs. Jones  
Frederik Bergman, Mr. Pilkington  
Alexander de Jong, Joris van Baar, two men of Mr. Jones  
Mark Kurmanbayev, Michiel Nonhebel, two men of Mr. Pilkington 
Alexander de Jong, Mark Kurmanbayev, two men from veterinary car
Ian Burton, libretto
Damiano Michieletto,stagging
Bassem Akiki, conductor
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