Pascal Dusapin -

Pascal Dusapin - "Perelà, Uomo di Fumo" (reduce version)

Perelà, Uomo di Fumo performed in a version for chamber orchestra

As Laurent Bayle reminds us in his book Une vie musicale, Perelà, Uomo di Fumo was for the Paris Opera audience one of the greatest successes of contemporary opera: a work that will undoubtedly establish Pascal Dusapin as a first-rate lyrical composer. An organic work, at the crossroad of multiple vocal, literary and dramaturgical traditions, it was only logical that it should attract the attention of various artists influding Franck Ollu, conductor emeritus of the Perelian cause who arranged the work for chamber orchestra, and institutions such as the Lucerne Theatre which will present this capolavoro to the Swiss public in May and June (6 performances between May 1 and June 12, 2022), staged by Lydia Steier and conducted by Robert Houssart. As an introduction before the curtain is raised, a word from Franck Ollu:

Pascal Dusapin - Perelà, Uomo di Fumo (reduce version)
opera reduction by Franck Ollu
Premiere: May 1, 4, 19, 2022 and June 10, 12, 2022 - Lucerne Theater (Switzerland)
Ziad Nehmé, Perelà
Marcela Rahal, a poor old woman / Marquise Bellonda
Sebastià Peris, master of ceremonies, minister
Christian Chelebiew, servant / president of the court
Robert Maszl, Rodella banker
Marc-Olivier Oetterli, philosopher Pilone
Georg Bochow, archbishop
Vladyslav Tlushch, Alloro
Misaki Morino, queen/daughter of Alloro
Nora Bertogg, parrot
Christian Chelebiew, president of the court
Luzerner Sinfonieorchester
Chœurs du Luzerner Theaters
Statisterie und Kinderstatisterie des Luzerner Theaters
Robert Houssart, conductor