Baptiste Trotignon -

Baptiste Trotignon - "Psaume XXIII"

Psaume XXIII by Baptiste Trotignon: the long-awaited premiere will take place on 23 October at the Opéra de Tours

Surrounded by the greatest French composers, from Poulenc to Boulanger, Baptiste Trotignon will present at the Opéra de Tours, now directed by the dashing Laurent Campellone, his latest creation, postponed for obvious health reasons: Psaume XXIII, through which he rediscovers "the rich and original acoustic alloy - the choir and the natural voice of the cello -" which he had already combined with poetic texts of a "luminous violence" (according to the composer) by Aimé Césaire in Au bout du petit matin. Now, "with Psaume XXIII, written during a moment of calm after a troubled period in (his) life", the unique and multi-talented composer-pianist "wanted to confront the timeless and heart-warming beauty of a spiritual and eternal text."

On 23 October, the Choir of the Opéra de Tours (conducted by Sandrine Abello) and the faithful cello of Henri Demarquette will sound the immortal text of Psaume XXIII with its striking incipit: "The Lord is my shepherd: I shall not want."

Baptiste Trotignon- Psaume XXIII
for mixted choir ( &cello
World premiere: October 23, 2021
Grand Théâtre de Tours
Choir of the Opéra de Tours
Henri Demarquette, cello
Sandrine Abello, conductor

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