Alex Nante -

Alex Nante - "Luz prelude"

Evening “Dans le bleu nuit de La Scala” (Paris) on 9 October

Vanessa Wagner will premiere a piano prelude by Alex Nante.

On the occasion of this evocatively-named evening, pianist Vanessa Wagner, one of the most authentic performers today, will present the world premiere of a prelude from the cycle entitled Luz by Alex Nante. A start to the season full of depth and spiritual sharing by this great pianist.

The seven preludes of this cycle, each with a strong spiritual dimension, are inspired by a psychic core or chakra, on a path that leads from the Muladhara chakra, linked to the earth, to go progressively towards the Sahasrara, connected to the subtle consciousness and to silence.

Concert on 9 october at La Scala in Paris.

Alex Nante - Luz prelude
World premiere: October 9, 2021
Vanessa Wagner, piano

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