Alex Nante -

Alex Nante - "Luz prelude" et "Escenas y sueños"

Evening “Dans le bleu nuit de La Scala” (Paris) on 9 October

Vanessa Wagner will premiere a piano prelude by Alex Nante.

On the occasion of this evocatively-named evening, pianist Vanessa Wagner, one of the most authentic performers today, will present the world premiere of a prelude from the cycle entitled Luz by Alex Nante. A start to the season full of depth and spiritual sharing by this great pianist.

The seven preludes of this cycle, each with a strong spiritual dimension, are inspired by a psychic core or chakra, on a path that leads from the Muladhara chakra, linked to the earth, to go progressively towards the Sahasrara, connected to the subtle consciousness and to silence.

Concert on 9 october at La Scala in Paris.

Alex Nante - Luz prelude
World premiere: October 9, 2021
Vanessa Wagner, piano

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Currently in residence at the Herrenhaus in Edenkoben, composer Alex Nante, one of the most promising creators of the new generation, will present his new latest opus for string quartet performed by the virtuosic JACK Quartet (to whom the piece is dedicated).

"This quartet is made up of eight movements inspired by dreams and scenes from the previous day, in the style of my “Diarios” for piano and my “Noctarios” for the harp. All the movements conform to surrealist music, or interpretations of various images follow one another in a continuum without pause", explains the composer, who adds: "the sections are crossed by short "evocations of light", inspired by "natural light". According to the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, this mysterious luminous presence appears in our sleep before the creation of dream images."

A pre-dreamlike and phantasmagorical programme which will punctuate the autumnal colours of 5 November with the Argentinian composer’s inspired music.


Alex Nante - Escenas y sueños 
for string quartet
World premiere: November 5, 2021
Herrenhaus Edenkoben
JACK Quartet