Joan Magrané Figuera -

Joan Magrané Figuera - "Intérieur hollandais II"

It's in Marseille then Madrid that the Télémaque ensemble, vigorously committed to modernity like its musical director Raoul Lay, will premiere on May 23 and 24 the second part of the Intérieur hollandais by Joan Magrané Figuera, another modern of the young generation, another vigorous force of the music which is anchored in the memories and the territories.

Let him introduce us to the work:

“Second piece inspired by the homonymous cycle of Joan Miró in which the painter revisits 17th century Dutch works. In the Intérieur hollandais II, Miró transforms the Enfants apprenant la danse à un chat by Jan Steen and it's in the same state of mind that I imagined a music with lively and varied colors, dancing and casual, ironic, sometimes. A sort of divertimento for a sextet of flute, clarinet, muted trumpet, vibraphone, violin and cello in contrast with the trio for clarinet, viola and harp, with a more melancholy character, with a more sophisticated touch, than in the first piece, Intérieur hollandais I."


Joan Magrané Figuera - Intérieur hollandais II 
For six instruments
World premiere: 23 May 2021 - Le Pic (Marseille)
Spannish premiere: 24 May 2021 -  Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid)
Ensemble Télémaque
Raoul Lay, conductor
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