Pascal Dusapin -

Pascal Dusapin - "La Vita sognata"

Following the resounding success of his residency with the two orchestras of the Maison de la Radio in 2018-19, Pascal Dusapin will be the central figure of the Radio France Présences festival next February. 

A great event ambitiously organised by the creation team of this prestigious institution, judging by the impressive programme of works presented and the performers invited.

We will have the opportunity to hear aworld premiere of the composer’s work by Armand Angster and Françoise Kubler‘s Accroche Note ensemble, two artists with exceptional talent and longevity.

Two artists who also defended the composer during his early years and to whom he undoubtedly owes the premises of this Vita Sognata, this "dream life" of a composer, dedicated to them on 2 February at the Radio France Auditorium, highlighting five exceptional days of music and culture at their highest level.

A few words from the composer about the work : 

Several years ago, whilst reading, I discovered this female Italian poet whose words immediately seduced me. I have often read and re-read them, searching for some new sadness at the bottom of this brief and fragile life, only 25 years old when, on 2 December 1938, she stretched out in a meadow and ended her life. This voice haunted by doubt, possessed by the absolute, has seduced me to the point of setting it to music with a somewhat strange instrumentarium. I chose three poems: Notturno (Nocturne), Le mani sulle piaghe (Hands on the wounds), La vita sognata (The dream life).

Pascal Dusapin

Pascal Dusapin - La Vita sognata
for soprano and instrumental ensemble
World premiere: 2 February 2021
Auditorium de la Maison de la Radio
Ensemble Accroche Note
Françoise Kubler, soprano
Franck Ollu, conductor

Watch the video of the premiere:


Consult  the score: 

Click here to see the full festival program.

Watch the video of Françoise Kubler (soprano) and Armand Angster (clarinet) performing Anacoluthe, composed in 1987 by Pascal Dusapin:


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