Oscar Bianchi -

Oscar Bianchi - "Anahata Concerto"

Premiered in 14 February 2009 in Graz, Austria (Helmut-List-Halle) by the Klangforum Wien under the direction of Enno Poppe and performed on 1 March 2009 at the Konzerthaus Wien, Anahata Concerto is a work for ensemble by Oscar Bianchi

The ability to make decisions outside the realm of karma: this is my favourite meaning of the fourth chakra, Anahata. Since music and all intellectual activities are closely related to life forces, I found Anahata to be a powerful symbol for the expression of all the options that are available to an individual both socially and artistically. This is a concerto, because the qualities necessary for making decisions outside the realm of karma demand virtuosity. Conscious of the idealistic aspects of this concept, I have stressed this so-called ‘ability’ rhetorically by interacting with specific music elements, such as rising glissandi (potential metaphors for challenges to gravity) and rhythmic ostinati (the perpetual advance of life).

Anahata Concerto is dedicated to Beat Furrer and the Klangforum Wien.


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Oscar Bianchi - Anahata Concerto
Swiss premiere: 15 May 2021
Radiostudio SRF Zürich
Collegium Novum Zürich
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