Georges Aperghis - A great honor

Georges Aperghis - A great honor


Few of the composers who, despite having composed works mentioned in all the musical histories alongside the essential canons of the repertoire, keep such a youthful spirit that they renew themselves with each new blank page and surprise their audience. to each of their premieres.

Few of the creators who, having tasted the powers of music and its most seductive attractions, nonetheless keep their senses open to other artistic forms, to the power of images and words, to the inspiring notes of a drawing. or a text. Georges Aperghis
 is one of these rare artists.

He enchants our time as he has enchanted his contemporaries for decades. His work captivates us, seduces us, challenges us from the very first moments of his collaboration with Durand Salabert Eschig editions.

Today, it is with emotion and pride that we announce that Georges Aperghis has entrusted us with his entire catalog in edition, thus bringing together in our house a unique heritage and modernity that we will be keen to protect and make shine.



Watch the video we made with the composer for the premiere of Der Lauf des Lebens in September 2020


Patricia Alia, general manager of Éditions Durand Salabert Eschig alongside Georges Apergis.