Benjamin Attahir -

Benjamin Attahir - "Safar"

Safar the new concerto for violin, cello, piano and orchestra by Benjamin Attahir will be premiere on Januar 26, 27, 28 2023 at Pau by the Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn and the Trio Zadig under the baton of Fayçal Karoui. Find below some words by the composer about the work: 

Unlike Ludwig van Beethoven’s triple concerto, written for three distinct soloists, I wanted to write a concertante work in which the trio would be presented as a separate entity facing the orchestra. The three instruments are therefore treated as a whole facing the powerful, merciless, inexorable symphonic machine. The original Beethovenian ensemble is scrupulously respected, thus giving a mirror or counterpoint to the original work. Even if the musical material refers to several of the master of Bonn’s ideas, it is derived entirely from the word ZADIG put to music (if I may say so), the name of the trio that premiered the work and of which each member is a very dear friend. Like Voltaire's Zadig, the form of this concerto is a journey (safar in Arabic) with multiple twists and turns. Once this "world" has been crossed entirely along its latitude, these three characters - united within one and the same soul - take us on a second tour, with sharper immediacy, of the recognition of already-known landscapes  

Benjamin Attahir

Benjamin Attahir - Safar
Concerto for violon, violoncelle, piano and orchestra 
Palais Beaumont, Auditorium de Vigny - Pau
World premiere : January 26/27/29, 2023
Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn
Trio Zadig
Fayçal Karoui, conductor

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 Other co-commissioners : 

Chapelle Musicale de la Reine Elisabeth (date to come)

Proquartet- European Chamber Music Center (date to come)

Watch another collaboration between Benjamin Attahir and the Trio Zadig performing Asfar

European Chamber Music Center
European Chamber Music Center
European Chamber Music Center
European Chamber Music Center