Thomas Enhco - New work for piano and wind quintet

Thomas Enhco - New work for piano and wind quintet

On 21 January, the Belle Saison at the Théâtre de Coulommiers, renowned for its acoustic properties, has entrusted a commission to Thomas Enhco for a sextet for piano and woodwind quintet (the young Quintette Aslan). This will mark the return to the stage of the young and immensely gifted jazzman and composer, his premieres gathering an increasingly numerous public. As a preview, he gives us this inspiring introduction:

After 2020 which has turned the world upside down entire and silenced concert halls, I face my piano and blank sheets of music paper, and I feel that the act of composing is not the same as usual. Firstly, calm prevails. Is this because I spent most of the year far from cities, stations, airports and the hustle, closer to nature and the ocean, and most often on my own? In any case, I want long and pure melodic lines, warm harmonies and a slow, ample and collected rhythm. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to write for wind quintet and piano! The timbres of the woodwinds always remind me of nature at its most colourful and fragrant, and the piano is the instrument with which I express myself better than with words. In this work, which I see as a dialogue between these two entities, I imagine a series of paintings alternating between sets created by the winds in which the piano is a wandering character (while improvising), and sets painted by the piano, in which the woodwinds are invited individually to sing and dance." Come one and all to discover the fabulous Belle Saison on 21 January! 

Thomas Enhco

Thomas Enhco - New work for piano and wind quintet - Postponed on 1st July 2021
World premiere: 21 January 2021
Théâtre de Coulommiers
Thomas Enhco, piano
Quintette Aslan

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