Opera (2010 - 2020)

Opera (2010 - 2020)

The daily rhythm of the lockdown has shown to everyone that social distancing is accompanied by an inversed emotional proximity but nonetheless of the same intensity. Thus, everyone around the world can now experience for themselves the miracle well-known to admirers of opera on DVD or on the television: the sound and visual traces of a voice, a gesture, or a face, even distanced by time or space, are still capable of conveying an unforgettable emotional charge.

In this very unique context, it seemed important to us to bring back to life for you through sound, visuals, and text, ten years of lyrical creation by the artists of the Durand Salabert Eschig catalogue. The diversity of the sources of inspiration, the creativity of dramatic forms, the variety of aesthetic choices, all testify to the investment of Universal Music Publishing and its creators in the service of the lyrical genre during this last decade, whose musical traces never cease to accompany our confined silences.

Come with us on a journey with this souvenir album, and we look forward to seeing the return of these works on stage very soon!

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First episode of the video serie "Opera (2010-2020) :