MUSICAL CHRONICLES - Hèctor Parra / "Constellations"

After fifteen uninterrupted years of musical creation, including last year's lyrical event (Les Bienveillantes, based on the eponymous novel by Jonathan Littell), Hèctor Parra has once again drawn upon his multiple passions to summon the muse of composition.


A passion for architectural forms, enlarged sounds, and a dialogue between the arts: we are once again faced with this pantheon of styles of the most admired Spanish composer of his generation in his new pianistic-poetic cycle inspired by Joan Miró's Constellations.


A sound manifesto that declares, with generosity and audacity, its mission to communicate through time and the arts, this new opus is born in the context of the social silence of recent weeks; in the light of these exceptional circumstances, as can be seen in the new documentary film that follows, we feel how the passions of Hèctor Parra become professions of faith and an urgent desire to create.


A creed that unites us, creator and publisher, and that we are proud to share with our partners.


Watch first parts of "Musical chronicles" by Hèctor Parra - "Constellations" (after the 23 constellations by Joan Miró) :