Yan Maresz -

Yan Maresz - "Tendances"

The Printemps des Arts de Monte Carlo is, as we know, a privileged moment of sound discovery and escape: faithful to its vocation, it will offer to the combined talents of the composer Yan Maresz, the violinist Hae Sun Kang, and the Les Folies Françoises ensemble from Orléans (Patrick Cohën-Akenine) a light Mediterranean setting for the premiere of the swaying work “Tendances”. Always rigorous, but also sensitive to the sudden impulses of a musical imagination nourished by the best references of modern music genres, Yan Maresz will present on 18 March at the Musée Océanographique de la Principauté the latest opus to date from a catalogue that is both compact and unique in its exigency.


World Premiere
18 March 2020, Les Folies Françoises, Hae-Sun Kang (moderne violin), Patrick Cohën-Akenine (baroque violin and conductor), Musée Océanographique de la Principauté (Monte-Carlo)