Hèctor Parra -

Hèctor Parra - "Wanderwelle"

Next January 31 we will be at the Auditori de Barcelona with Hèctor Parra, “terrible child” (and prodigy) of musical Catalonia: his Wanderwelle for baritone and orchestra will be premiere by the faithful Orquesta Sinfonica de Barcelona y Nacional de Catalunia conduct by, always fascinating, Kazushi Ono. The ideal moment to listen for the growing number of Parra’s music lovers, before finding his prodigious Bienveillantes at the Nuremberg Opera at the end of the season.


World premiere
31 January 2020, 1 & 2 February 2020, Orquesta Sinfonica de Barcelona y Nacional de CataluniaEkkehard Abele (Bar), Barcelona Auditori, Spain

Upcoming date
Fall 2021, WDR Sinfonieorchester, Kölner Philharmonie, Germany