Hersant at festival Bach en Combrailles

Hersant at festival Bach en Combrailles

World premiere on August 17, 2019 at 9 pm in the Église de Pontaumur of Nun komm by Philippe Hersant with the Ensemble Les Timbres and the choir Sequenza 9.3.

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Composer's note

"When writing this cantata at the request of Vincent Morel for the Bach en Combrailles Festival, I chose as a distant model Christ lag in Todesbanden BWV4, an early and admirable cantata by Bach. A unique case in his overall production, the composer did not call for the verses of a librettist: he followed entirely and exclusively the stanzas of a Luther chorale, and used the melody of this chorale as a cantus firmus in each of the cantata’s movements.

I chose to adopt a similar style of construction, centered on another Luther chorale (Nun komm der Heiland) which is an adaptation of the Veni Redemptor by St. Ambrose of Milan. Each of the stanzas will be built upon the melody of this chorale, which will run throughout the entire work."

Philippe Hersant

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