Dusapin at Salzburg

Dusapin at Salzburg

From 25 July to 6 August, the Salzburger Festwochen, veritable mecca of learned music, will host a Time with Dusapin, a unique tribute to the artist internationally synonymous with the vitality of French musical composition.

A vast ellipse covering several fundamental milestones of the catalogue performed by the most faithful artists, this Time with Dusapin is a unique offering by Markus Hinterhäuser, the festival’s director, to the community of music lovers passionate about the composer, whose fervour is known throughout the world.

After the performance of Granum Sinapis, Umbrae Mortis, and Dona Eis on July 25, conducted by Laurence Equilbey, director of the Accentus ensemble, the Camarata Salzburg, and the oenm (österreichisches ensemble für neue musik), the series will continue on July 28 with a live version of Medeamaterial performed by the Akademie für Alte Musik and the Vocalconsort Berlin, conducted by Frank Ollu .

Following this first moment of exceptional vocality, the composer’s instrumental music, commonly associated with the composer of Solos for orchestra and the Quatuors, will then be the subject of an exciting retrospective with, in turn, performances of Morning in Long Island, already a classic, by the Austrian Radio Orchestra (conducted by Gabor Kali) on 3 August, and the equally famous Cascando, Coda and Jetzt Genau! by the Klangforum Wien (conducted by Emilio Pomarico) on 6 August.

It was only natural for this gala to end with the outstanding cycle O Mensch, performed by Georg Nigl in the Great Hall of the Mozarteum.

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