Rivet entre l'outre-mer et le bleu roi

Rivet entre l'outre-mer et le bleu roi

On Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 8:30 pm at Église de Millay will be premiered "Entre l'outre-mer et le bleu roi" (Overseas amidst the Royal Blue), new work by Christian Rivet. 
With the violist Gérard Caussé, as part of the Festival Le vent sur l'arbre 2019.

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Composer's note

“It could start like a tale...

Six songs placed not far from the clouds of Magellan giving prominence to the poetic language.

Situated in this distant place, these pages bring together various games on the minute metamorphoses of a material and focus on the listening experience of the listener: a questioning, a constant interaction between the sensorial memory (several fractions of a second) and short-term memory (between a few seconds and a minute).

A questioning about the spatial context of the events of a story putting silence into perspective, a great acoustic resonator capable of conveying the notion of melancholy.

... A long time ago, on the back of the Sky lived an island bird.
A funny bird stitched with a white thread, lost overseas amidst the Royal Blue...

This journey, this putting into play of the writing being written, is designed in particular for the limpid and haunting sound of the violin viola of Gérard Caussé, a fantastic counter of stars.” 

Christian Rivet