Montalbetti, Duo pour violon & piano

Montalbetti, Duo pour violon & piano

Photo : Festival Spannungen

Audiences of the Spannungen festival will discover on 28 June the world premiere of Eric Montalbetti’s Duo pour violon & piano, performed by Christian Tetzlaff and Alexander Vorontsov, commissionned by the Spannungen festival and its artistic director Lars Vogt. 

The festival’s resident composer Eric Montalbetti’s latest work, subtitled Lied des Dankes für das Leben in Freundschaft, acts as a homage to friendship, in recognition of the inseparable duo Lars Vogt et Christian Tetzlaff.

According to the composer: “A single work lasting around fifteen minutes, it is divided into five parts: a Prélude that reveals the harmonic atmosphere like the birth of child, an Etude symbolising the first stages of learning, a Ballade resembling a stroll with friends, a pianist’s Rêverie offers a moment of introspection, and finally a Fantaisie allowing all the previous ideas and motifs to develop together through a lively finale.”

Christian Tetzlaff will also perform the Sonate pour violon seul, and for the opening of the festival on 22 June, the oboist Viola Wilmsen will perform Esprit tendre, and the pianist Kiveli Doerken Trois études après Kandinsky.

A wonderful opportunity for audiences to discover the harmonic atmosphere of Eric Montalbetti and his multiple instrumental dimensions.

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