Samy Moussa, Stasis

Samy Moussa, Stasis

Photo : Harald Hoffmann  

The composer Samy Moussa will conduct the Canadian premiere of his work for eight spatialised French horns and gongs, Stasis, widely praised following its premiere in Munich, for a large-scale concert to be performed on 21 February in Montreal by the Société de Musique Contemporaine du Québec for the opening of the 9th MNM Festival (Montréal Nouvelles Musiques).

With a compositional style inspired by an instrument of the Hebrew ritual tradition and the writings of an immemorial Tibetan score, Stasis is "a work that opens a space without any temporal dimensions, a space that allows us to feel what is happening on a global scale."  Not to be missed.

Italian premiere on March 10, 2019 at the Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri of Rome. 

Site of the event

Site of the composer

Canadian premiere - February 21, 2019, Church Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Montréal

Ensemble de la SMCQ

Samy Moussa, conductor

Italian premiere - March 10, 2019, Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri, Rome

Munich Opera Horns

Samy Moussa, conductor