Sivan Eldar, Heave

Sivan Eldar, Heave

©Aurélie Lemaignen  

The work of the young American composer Sivan Eldar, trained at UC Berkeley and IRCAM, is increasingly part of the best European seasons, where its sensitive and poetic aesthetic encounters the tastes of a large and varied public. On 9 September, the Royaumont Abbey Festival will present the composer’s new opus Heave, co-produced by IRCAM. Written for the EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble’s six solo voices, Heave is based on a text by Cordelia Lynn, with a set design by Aurélie Lemaignen. In the words of the composer, this “mosaic of relationships between people and places explores the relationship of the musicians with their environment through a performance specifically geared to the site of the Royaumont Gardens, where the network of loudspeakers is integrated in an organic way to create a heightened and differentiated experience of the natural environment and the living beings that are spread about the area”.

"Heaving, breaking, stretching, crumbling. Heave is a work that questions the boundaries between matter; between skins. The text tells the story of growth: into and out of the earth; into one’s own body and memory. It also tells the story of growing apart: from a loved one; from an interconnected whole. It is through this juxtaposition of the human and non-human experience, of the visible, invisible, and magical that Heave strives to create an animate world. 

Heave was created in collaboration with writer Cordelia Lynn, computer music designer Augustin Muller (IRCAM), and stage designer/director Aurélie Lemaignen."

Sivan Eldar

World premiere
9 September 2018, Ensemble EXAUDI with IRCAMFondation Royaumont,Paris, France

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