New yearbook out now!

New yearbook out now!

Today Universal Music Publishing Classical releases its 2014 yearbook “On the page”. The volume features interviews with Peter Eötvös and Martin Grubinger, in-depth articles about Klaus Huber and Fausto Romitelli, insights into the Puccini critical edition and any more.

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Table of contents:
Site-specific music-making
Focus on mankind. Klaus Huber celebrates his 90th birthday
Martin Grubinger on Xenakis
Péter Eötvös. Interviewed by László Gyori
Digitized but not entirely. Italy’s Composers Under-40 Getting to the core of things.
Q&A with Graham Fitkin
Fabien Lévy.
A portrait Contemporary music for education
Composer / pianist. Baptiste Trotignon and Jean-Frédéric Neuburger
Fausto Romitelli: six keywords. Drawn from Romitelli’s own descriptions of his music
Sirenen, a new opera. Rolf Riehm in Frankfurt
Machine Poetry. The Music of László Vidovszky
New signins: Alexandre Desplat & François Meïmoun
The new Puccini critical edition

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Yearbook 2014 On the page