Manoury, his new quartet "Fragmenti"

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 16 December 2015

Philippe Manoury’s love story with the string quartet is a relatively recent one. He wrote his first quartet in 1978 while he was studying, but the work was disregarded; his first official quartet is from 2010. It is entitled Stringendo, which isan Italian word indicating an acceleration in tempo and it was performed by theArditti Quartet, the contemporary music world’s legendary group.

Georges Aperghis Concerto pour accordéon

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 15 December 2015

In a highly anticipated piece, Georges Aperghis, the master of musical theatre, delivers an accordion concerto. An instrument that has long been underrated before coming back to the scene thanks to composers like Luciano Berio, who wrote a wonderful Sequenza, or Mauricio Kagel. Georges Aperghis composed this concerto for Teodoro Anzellotti, a virtuoso of contemporary accordion. Popular sounds and experimental effects combine to create an unprecedented musical discourse offering an irresistible dialogue between the soloist and the orchestra.

All about Pascal Dusapin

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 14 December 2015

Pascal Dusapin is definitely busy at the moment. To be sung, a wonderful chamber opera, is being performed at La Monnaie, a venue that has forged a faithful bond with Pascal Dusapin. Premiered in 1994 at the Théâtre des Amandiers, in the framework of the Festival d’Automne, this work, with its original scenography by James Turrell, based on a text by Gertrude Stein “A lyrical opera made by two”, innovated as much in the use of the voice (three solo soprano) as in the instrumental writing, together with electronics. This new production will give the opportunity to rediscover the third opera by Pascal Dusapin, this time directed by Sjaron Minailo.

Hèctor Parra - Wilde

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 28 August 2015

A year after Das geopferte Leben, Hèctor Parra has stepped up to the plate with his new opera, Wilde, premiered at the Schwetzinger Festspiele, by the Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des SWR under the direction of Peter Rundel, with staging by Calixto Bieito.

Listen & Read - August

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 27 August 2015

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Pascal Dusapin - Penthesilea

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 25 August 2015

To celebrate his 60th birthday this year, Pascal Dusapin gave us a triumphant opera Penthesilea, premiered in March 2015 at the Brussels Théâtre de la Monnaie, under the baton of Franck Ollu, with staging by Pierre Audi. This fall the co-commissioner, Opéra du Rhin will present the French premiere in Strasbourg on September 26, 2015.


Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 28 May 2015

In this new interview, Bernard Fournier presents Arthur Honegger’s Quatuor à cordes n°1 to us. Despite being a part of Groupe des Six, Arthur Honegger is indisputably a traditionally Germanic composer, who distances himself from the French taste for entertainment and lighter music.

Focus on Iannis Xenakis

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 20 May 2015

A new bilingual edition of one of the most emblematic works by Iannis Xenaki is going to be released. It is a new publication which is seen from a practical angle as much as a musicological review. We have called in Michel Tranchant who, under the supervision of the composer, recorded the work with Groupe Vocal de France.