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Guézec, Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre Guézec was born in Dijon on August the 29th, 1934. After having studied the violin, he followed courses by Olivier Messiaen, Darius Milhaud and Jean Rivier at the Paris Conservatoire. During 1963, his school-leaving year, he won the Tanglewood Berkshire Music Center composition prize. In 1968 he was also the first person to receive the SACEM Grand Prix for symphonic promotion.

In 1969 he was nominated analysis teacher at the Paris Conservatoire in replacement of Olivier Messiaen; at the same time he wrote several articles and concert programs, in particular for the Domaine Musical. He died of a sudden heart attack on March 9th, 1971.

About Temps songe:

This is the title of a recent piece for 7 percussionists by Nguyen-Thien Dao, and it well illustrates the secret paths followed by this French composer born in Hanoï in 1940. Never will he forget the purfums and images of his childhood spent in the vietnamese countryside, nor those “celestial and totally imaginary polyphonies” that pursued him relentlessly all through his adolescence. From the time he came to Paris in 1954 up to the present day, complete solitude and endless meditations before the spectacle of nature have remained his closest friends and his most trustworthy consolation.