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Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 05 October 2017

Le Front de l'Aube, for solo baritone, children's choir & orchestra 


As part of the Centennial Mission 14-18, on the occasion of the centenary of the Battle of the Chemin des Dames, Edith Canat de Chizy will deliver a new seven-part Oratorio for solo baritone, children's choir and orchestra. A poignant work expressing the tragic destiny of the fighters, the rebellion of the mutineers and the dark memory of this reddened land of the Aisne Valley. A front line where more than 350,000 French and German fighters perished. On October 13th, a few kilometers from this sadly legendary ridge line, in the Cathedral of Laon, the first of this work will be given ...


As part of the centennial celebrations of 1917, this work was commissioned for the commemoration of the battle of the "Chemin des dames" in Aisne, where the Germans had settled. 

The order of attack was given at 6 am on 16 April 1917 hence the title "Front de l'Aube". This battle generated terrible loss which triggered revolts and interrupted the offensive against the Germans.

The "Chemin des dames" is a long crest that separates the valleys of Aisne and Ailette. The entire elaboration of the booklet was organized around this idea of "path from above", inducing the notions of "above" and "below", evoking cemeteries planted with white crosses that run the length of this road, without forgetting the soldier’s rebellion that ensued.

The baritone embodies their voice, their suffering, their death, the children’s choir evokes their afterlife.

Edith Canat de Chizy



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Concert dates:

13 Oct. 2017 - Laon - Cathédrale

14 Oct. 2017 - Saint-Quentin - Théâtre Jean Vilar

15 Oct. 2017 - Soissons - Cité de la Musique 


Next Premiere : En noir et or, string quartet n°4


Faithful to his first love for the violin and strings in general, Edith Canat de Chizy composed her String Quartet No. 4 at the request of the "Echo" theaters, the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden and the Philharmonie de Paris “En noir et or”. A new opus directly inspired by James Whistler's eponymous canvas, between nocturnal shades and bursts of fireworks that were also commented by Debussy ... It is the Van Kuijk Quartet who will give the world premiere of this score on October 23 in Birmingham.


This title refers to the painting by James Abott Whistler, "Night in Black and Gold" / « Nocturne en noir et or », painted in 1875, outlining a firework display. This same painting had seduced Debussy in his second nocturnal "Fêtes".

Here the night is the setting. It is lit up by the party’s flashes, flickers and sparks. The brushstroke is active, effective, we pick up the movement, haste, mystery, fluidity of the painting, all things inherent in my musical writing, where I have often wanted to translate the relationship between pictorial matter and sound material.

It is suggested by the use of strings, a specific musical play: a "light-touch" play, muffled strings, “sul tasto”, “sul ponticello”, “col legno”, the harmonics, etc... this all contributes to giving this quartet a fleeting, hasty, mysterious appeal dominated by the swift movement.

Moreover, I wanted to emphasize the particularly delicate spatial dimension in this painting by using and contrasting different ranges.

Edith Canat de Chizy


Concert dates: 

23 Oct. 2017 - Birmingham - THSH

27 Oct. 2017 - Londres - Barbican Center

5 Nov. 2017 - Budapest -Mupa

13 Jan. 2018 - Paris - Philharmonie de Paris

19 Jan. 2018 - Hamburg - Elbphilharmonie

25 Jan. 2018 - Barcelone - Palau de la Musica Catalana

11 Febr. 2018 - Lisbonne - Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

24 Mar. 2018 - Stockolm - Stockolms Konserthus

13 May 2018 - Koln - Kolner Philharmonie

6 Jun. 2018 - Luxembourg - Philarmonie 

12 Jun. 2018 - Bruxelles - BOZAR

13 Jun. 2018 - Amsterdam - Het Concertgebouw 

1 Jul. 2018 - Baden-Baden - Festspielhaus


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