Christian Rivet : "Quelque part dans l'inachevé"

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 02 January 2018
"To polish, to transform, to transpose, and then transcribe these “jade stones” onto the score; support the shadow, the light and reflections… to create units, segments, lines both smooth and fractured to reveal figures, elsewhere almost invisible… an imaginary city…" 

Attahir : "Swati'l Zaman"

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 22 December 2017 Sawti’l Zaman (The Voices of the Past in Arabic) is inspired by a piece by Marin Marais (Badinage, extract from 4ème Livre pour viole seule [Jestering, 4th Book for Solo Viol]), discovered by Benjamin Attahir when he was a teenager in the film Tous les matins du monde [All the Mornings in the World]. 

Attahir : "Adh Dhohr"

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 22 December 2017 Adh Dhohr is the second of five pieces in a cycle that I wanted to undertake based on the Salah or rhythm of an ordinary Muslim. It’s the midday prayer, when the sun is at its zenith. 

Edith Canat de Chizy : "En noir et or"

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 22 December 2017

Faithful to his first love for the violin and strings in general, Edith Canat de Chizy composed her String Quartet No. 4 at the request of the "Echo" theaters, the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden and the Philharmonie de Paris “En noir et or”. A new opus directly inspired by James Whistler's eponymous canvas, between nocturnal shades and bursts of fireworks that were also commented by Debussy ... It is the Van Kuijk Quartet who will give the world premiere of this score on October 23 in Birmingham.


Éric Tanguy, "Clarinet Concerto"

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 31 October 2017 After two flute Concertos (1992-94) and an oboe Concertino (2003), at the soloist, Pierre Genisson’s request, Eric Tanguy has created a new concertante opus for clarinet. 

François Meïmoun : "Le Chant de la Création"

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 30 October 2017 A vast orchestral fresco, in three parts, instrumented for nearly one hundred musicians, the Chant de la création is an orchestral Concerto inspired by the Jewish religion, founded on a text attributed to King David.

Edith Canat de Chizy : "Le Front de l'aube"

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 05 October 2017

As part of the Centennial Mission 14-18, on the occasion of the centenary of the Battle of the Chemin des Dames, Edith Canat de Chizy will deliver a new seven-part Oratorio for solo baritone, children's choir and orchestra. A poignant work expressing the tragic destiny of the fighters, the rebellion of the mutineers and the dark memory of this reddened land of the Aisne Valley. A front line where more than 350,000 French and German fighters perished. On October 13th, a few kilometers from this sadly legendary ridge line, in the Cathedral of Laon, the first of this work will be given ...

Attahir : "Al Asr" by the quartet Arod

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 29 September 2017

Attahir : "Al Asr" by the quartet Arod

 After the great success of Al Fajr’s creation in Berlin by the Boulez Ensemble and Daniel Barenboïm, the Arod Quartet will be performing the premiere of Al Asr on the 2 October at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris of the second part of the Salah cycle, set up until 2019 by Benjamin Attahir.

Pascal Dusapin, At Swim-Two-Birds

Posted by Durand Salabert Eschig on 27 September 2017

A commission by the NTR Zaterdagmatinee series at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the London Philharmonic Orchestra (with the generous support of Diaphonique, the Franco-British fund for contemporary music supported by the Bureau Export, the British Council, and the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication), the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, and Radio France.

World Premiere on 30 September 2017 with Viktoria Mullova and Matthew Barley at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.